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And the winner 2024 is ...Flurin Kopp!

The fourth edition of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN is over, the winner has been crowned and the trophy has been passed on. However, this year it does not seem to have to travel far. It is staying in Zurich. The manager of the "Tipsy Tiger", Flurin Kopp, impressed the jury with his courage for unusual flavor combinations and contemporary sustainability.
From left: Amandine Chapolard (2nd place), Flurin Kopp (winner), Kilian Schmied (3rd place).

The excitement in the hall is not only palpable among the finalists when it comes to who will be awarded the trophy in the form of an oversized cocktail glass. The audience whispers impatiently as the presenter builds up the tension. Amandine Chapolard from the Crapule Club in Fribourg and Flurin Kopp from Tipsy Tiger in Zurich stand side by side in front of the audience and wait for the announcement.

The jury has decided that Switzerland's best cocktail of 2024 is called "Gipfelstürmer" and therefore the winner is Flurin Kopp. Beaming with joy, but also slightly embarrassed it seems, he accepts his well-deserved trophy. "Last year, I only came third," admits Kopp. It is a first for him, because although he has already taken part in many competitions and has often been among the finalists, this is the first time he has brought home the win.

I have gained a lot of experience. I know what to expect and make fewer mistakes. I'm still nervous, but I'm much calmer than before.

Flurin Kopp

When asked what has changed for him in these years, the long-serving Barkeeper manager replies: "I've gained a lot of experience. I know what to expect and make fewer mistakes. I'm still nervous, but much, much calmer than before. I used to write a list of the things I needed so that I wouldn't forget anything.

The Barkeeper from Tipsy Tiger preparing the cocktail

Today I know exactly what I need, even without a list". However, he denies whether this was the key to his success today: "It's about the drink and the jury, of course a little more composure helps, but the other two points are the really decisive ones.

He draws his motivation to keep taking part in competitions from the inspiration that comes from constantly creating something new. The Managing Director also cites the social aspect, i.e. networking and marketing, both for himself and for his business, as driving forces.

But he also had a bit of support, at least the name "Gipfelstürmer" comes from his employee Celine. It is a symbiosis of the "Gipfeli" contained in the drink and the 33-year-old's passion for climbing and mountaineering.

Flurin Kopp mixes the best cocktail in Switzerland with "Gipfelstürmer"

You could say that he got the idea for the cocktail from his employees, because as he explains: "If someone isn't feeling up to it, I'll make them a croissant" - many a boss can take a leaf out of his book - and so it was that the old croissants and, secretly, his care for his employees helped him to win. He combined the not-so-fresh croissants with stale champagne and turned them into a cordial.

If someone isn't feeling up to it, I'll make them a croissant

Flurin Kopp

True to the motto: make new from old. "I really liked the idea of making something new from old ingredients, recycling them in the spirit of sustainability," explains Kopp. Add to this rye whisky, apricot liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, aquafaba and a caramel summit chip, also made from croissants from the previous day, and the masterpiece is complete.

Last year's winner Stylianos Kalemis hands over the challenge cup

Born in Zurich, he has been active in the nightlife scene for thirteen years. Initially as a runner in nightclubs such as Privée, Amber and Jade and then in increasingly upmarket cocktail bars.

He describes his years at the renowned Bar am Wasser as the most influential time in his career. He spent almost four years there as head bartender and then head of mixology. He was involved in the opening and also experienced the highs when they won one award after another as a cocktail bar, as a team and as individual Barkeeper . In the time that followed, Kopp helped open a new hotel bar as bar manager and then concentrated on consulting.

One thing led to another and the collaboration with the Hive Group also led to him planning and opening the Dry Club and Tipsy Tiger on Zurich's Langstrasse a few months ago. Initially, they were to work together on a concept for the soon-to-be-opened Frigo restaurant. An Asian fusion restaurant on the middle floor of the Hive Club, which is due to open at the end of the summer. The name is in honor of the former use of this floor as Braschler's fish fridge.

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Then suddenly the employers asked: "What else is missing on Langstrasse?" followed by the statement: "We would like to take over the Lady Suzette". The first thing to open in February was the Dry Club on the upper floor, a high-end speakeasy bar, just like you might find in London or New York. Sophisticated, unusual cocktail creations in the vibrant city center. For a whole month, guests had to make their way through the construction site on the lower floor to get to the coveted drinks.

Then, on March 14, the second opening, the Tipsy Tiger, a draft cocktail bar with unusual dishes and take-away. Frigo's previous or future project is still in the pipeline for today's winner. But the first thing to do now is to celebrate in the city with friends and employees.

Flurin preferred

Favorite cocktail: Mezcal Last Word
Dog or cat: Cat
Beer or wine: Both, depending on the situation
Favorite spirit: Also depends on the situation, but tequila, mezcal, rum and whisky are high on the list
Hobbies: Mountaineering, climbing, fishing
Day or night: Night
City or country: City

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